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Building Organisational Knowledge and Joining Up processes

All organisations rely on knowledge, however, this knowledge can be fragemented in many different places creating process silos and duplication. Valuable knowledge dissappears when people leave the organisation. All professionals making judgements and decisions based on qualitative and quantitative information, and who themselves generate important knowledge for future planning and strategy, can make use of ResearchSpace. For example, ResearchSpace at The National Archives recognises and represents everyday work in a content form that makes its a valuable resource for education, training, partnertship, strategy and engagement.

It is extremely hard for organisations to measure the qualitative impact of knowledge in the work place. However, it is common for professionals to complain about the overhead and limitations that fragmentation and inappropriate information systems based on on one dimensional databases have on their work. This is true across the commercial and public sectors. Moreover process analysis of productivity often glosses over these overheads and fails to take them into account which means that problems are petutated and the same mistakes in the implementation of information systems it made again and again.